Juvenile Section


Children born in 2015: 9 or 10am Saturdays / Astro Pitch
Shaunna Curtis gdo@cgfgaa.ie

Children born in 2016: Scheduled to commence in early 2021
(due to restriction on numbers)


U6 (Born 2014)Football / CamogieTim Cahill087 2158090
U7 (Born 2013)Football / CamogieMarina O Halloran086 7778163
U8 (Born 2012)Football / CamogieTony Murphy087 9213070
U9 (Born 2011)Football / CamogieFinbar McGrath086 6089966
U10 (Born 2010)Football / CamogieMartin Tormey087 6940297
U11 (Born 2009)Football / CamogieOwen Tiernan086 4125139
U12 (Born 2008)Football / CamogieVincent Kennedy087 2892179
U13 (Born 2007)Football / CamogieJames Dolly087 2025292
U14 (Born 2006)Football
Barry Tiernan
Des Brien
086 8060796
086 8048231
U15 (Born 2005)Football / CamogieOwen Travers086 6016167


U6 (Born 2014)Football / HurlingPaul O Donnell086 0250153
U7 (Born 2013)Football / HurlingStephen O Reilly086 3861997
U8 (Born 2012)Football
Eoin McGovern
Alan Slattery
087 9196047
086 7948095
U9 (Born 2011 )Football / HurlingPaul Lyons087 9812709
U10 (Born 2010 )Football / HurlingOllie Murphy086 8754380
U11 (Born 2009)Football / HurlingWalter Cullen086 8583586
U12 (Born 2008)Football / HurlingIvan Wilson086 7721540
U13 (Born 2007)Football / HurlingJason McDonnell086 2376488
U14 (Born 2006)Football
Rick Tierney
Oran Burke
086 2906074
087 9600770
U15 (Born 2005)Football
Don Gormley
James Dolly
086 3866898
087 2025292

Our juvenile section covers all age groups up to 18, embracing both hurling and football for boys and camogie and football for girls. 

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For boys and girls up to the age of five we have our academy that runs every Saturday morning. We introduce children to Gaelic games in a relaxed and fun way, with a focus on the ABCs – agility, balance and coordination.

The academy is managed by dedicated mentors and coaches, often with the assistance of senior players. Parents are encouraged to help out and take part as much as possible. New comers are welcome at any time: parents, simply come along any Saturday morning before 9.00 A.M. – and don’t forget to bring your children!

Age groups from 7 years compete in competitive leagues and championships and receive instruction and coaching to the highest levels.  Times for training and games vary across all the various age groups.  We cater for children of all standards, size and ability and we believe that there is a place for everyone.