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Latest Results

The numbers drawn in the Lotto 1 Draw on January 5th were:
3, 4, 6 & 28
The Lotto 2 Draw numbers were:
10, 13, 23 & 31
There was no winner of the Lotto 1 or 2 Jackpots.

The Jackpots for Draws 1 & 2 will therefore roll over to next week.

The five €20 Lucky Dip Winners drawn tonight were:

Colleen & Stephen Brierly
Deirdre Pearson
Deborah Byrne
Catherine Lawless
Abigail & Rex Byrne

Thank you for supporting our Lotto fundraising efforts. Please encourage your friends and fellow cub members to support Clanna Gael Fontenoy by playing Lotto Online too and you might be the next person to get the phone call to confirm you are our next winner.
— The Lotto Committee